Nursery school renovation Glasgow
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Nursery school renovation Glasgow

23rd April, 2017

Property Wise is delighted to be working on a nursery refurbishment in Glasgow. The future looks brighter than ever for both the children and the staff as work progresses on providing a vast range of new facilities and environments.

As specialists in nursery school renovation, we understand the practicalities involved in remodelling these settings but we are also conscious of the specific needs of individual businesses and childcare facilities. That is why we have worked closely with those ‘in the know’ at this children’s nursery to ensure that the plans will create exactly the type of new environment and facilities that the staff and youngsters want and need.

A complete nursery refurbishment in Glasgow

The central Glasgow nursery school renovation will completely transform the facility. The project involves the installation of a beautifully-designed commercial chefs’ kitchen and other kitchen facilities, as well as a commercial electrical rewire and the creation of new changing pods to make those day-to-day tasks more pleasurable and practical. The project also includes the design and building of a welcoming new reception area, the fitting of practical safety flooring, and internal painting throughout.

A complete service

This nursery refurbishment in Glasgow is just one example of the kind of tailor-made service that Property Wise can provide and the way in which we always work with individual settings and childcare providers to ensure that their needs are fully met.

We are specialists in nursery school renovation but we are also well-aware that the real experts on individual settings are the owners, management, staff and children. This is why we offer a completely bespoke service that will ensure that everyone’s needs are factored into the project.

We are passionate about what we do and love knowing that children and their carers can enjoy the fun and safe learning environments we create and build. We can’t wait to see the staff and youngsters in central Glasgow doing just that!


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